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Alternative to the Taj Heritage Corridor- conservation and management proposal

The Taj Heritage Corridor Project raised nationwide concerns regarding the safety of the Taj Mahal and other riverfront monuments of Agra on one hand and the impending ecological impact on the other hand due to the narrowing of the riverbed. Another concern was the visual obstruction it would have formed to the long-established visual link between the fort and the Taj Mahal. The project aimed to develop an alternative conservation and management proposal keeping in mind the historical significance and values of the site. The study comprised of an intensive historical research and analysis of the various projects and planning schemes for the city of Agra, its heritage and environmental safety. A thorough study was also conducted to understand the present management and protection system, land-use and circulation system of the area. The above factors were instrumental in developing the new design proposal focusing on the conservation of archaeological heritage and sustainable management of the site.


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