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The Grand Imperial Hotel, Agra

Location: M.G.Road, Rakabganj, Agra

Client: The Grand Imperial Group

Year of completion: 2007

The hotel is the only heritage hotel in the city of Agra and was built in the beginning of 20th century during the British rule. The building located in the centre of Agra has been operational since 1904. The current structure is part of a large u-shaped premise that was divided into two halves later on. It is a double storey building with beautiful two level arcades on the front side facing the lush gardens and the M.G.Road (main access road). The rear façade facing the pool has unique triangular arched openings. The construction has been done in lakhori bricks and lime mortar.


The work involved conservation and reuse of the old building, landscape design, and design and construction of a new extension in context of the historic structure and surroundings. The old building suffered from problems of seepage which led to spoiling of plaster/paint and efflorescence in brickwork.

The new building involved construction of semicircular arched verandahs for which formwork was created on site. After solving the plumbing and seepage issues in the old building and repair of walls, some prime areas building were left without plaster/paint in order to expose the original brickwork.

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