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Bharatpur House

It is a grand structure that originally was the residence of king of Bharatpur. The building displays distinct features of colonial architecture of early 19th century

It is square in plan measuring 112’x112’with an entrance porch and a tall flight of steps to the east. The plan is divided into three parts comprising of a central hall and smaller side rooms. The size of the building in plan diminishes at every level.

It is a four storeyed structure having a stepped elevation, each side consisting of a row of semicircular arched verandahs at three levels. It has a grand arched porch attached to the eastern facade.

The building has distinct colonial features like semicircular arches supported on circular columns, cornice bands at each slab level, wrought iron railings with geometrical and floral patterns and lime plaster balustrades.

It is set within a residential colony called Bharatpur House. Tarred roads mark its periphery on all sides.


The building is currently used as a government office and is showing several signs of deterioration. Material deterioration is indicated by rising dampness, flaking of plaster and wear and tear of flooring. The building is under pressure of encroachments by labour and local staff. Haphazard electrical wiring and cementing of floors at some places are some of the inappropriate alterations done at a later stage.









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