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British Barracks,
Red Fort, Delhi

Location: Red Fort, Delhi

Client: Archaeological Survey of India

Year of completion: 2008

After the 1857 revolt, many Mughal buildings in the Red fort premises were razed and new structures were constructed to cater to the needs of the British. Several barracks were constructed to house the British soldiers, ammunition and other things. These barracks were triple storey colonial style buildings each of which measured some 30,000 square feet.

The project was executed in collaboration with HCIC and comprised of documentation and condition mapping of two barracks B1and B2. The triple storey buildings were plagued by a host of problems ranging from structural failure and inappropriate interventions, to spalling of plaster, rain water seepage from roofs and rising damp.


Detailed drawings were prepared and an assessment was carried out. The task also included providing technical advice and details of conservation works to the contractor. A large part of the sandstone flooring was replaced or repaired.





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